Christmas Lights All Year and How to Save Your Wedding Budget

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Welcome 2021!

We welcome you with all the sparkle and glitter we're hoping you'll bring.

If you purchased gorgeous new LED lights over this past holiday season, you're not alone. The lighting industry has been coming up with creative lights for any occasion - here are some that we just love...

LED lights last longer, consume less power and are more environmentally friendly.

One of the challenges that faces many of us in the New Year, is storing our holiday decor. While these lights store very well if taken care of properly, they also take up a lot of room and will be un-used for a whole year. The best use of lights is to reuse them.

If you don't have an indoor or outdoor space that you can keep them up all year, consider reselling them.

We created our app so that items can be reused over and over again - for many different occasions so that the use of decor and items can be maximized. This is one way we can live more sufficiently and reduce the amount of items being manufactured.

List your lights...they'll light up the next special occasion for someone!

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