Discovering Dried for Your Budget or DIY Wedding - A Sustainable and Gorgeous Choice

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

There is something mysterious about dried flowers. They change into something "new" as they dry out and die. They've lived another life somewhere and now they're being featured at your event. The trick to drying florals is to hang them upside down and store them in a dark, dry environment.

We love seeing the thoughtful ways people are using dried flowers in their arrangements, centerpieces, and arches. Pampas grass added a big splash to celebrations in 2019 and we're hoping that trend sticks around for a long time. This grass dries beautifully and doesn't take a toll on the environment to grow. Another look we love is dried palm leaves for decorations, backdrops, or used in large vases in the home.

Buy, use, and then resell your flowers, greens and grasses. Flowers are a large cost at most weddings and other events, so buying used flowers, and drying them for your event is a cost-effective way to create beauty at a portion of the price.

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