Why We Chose the King Protea Flower to Brand Our Company

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

My family lived in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa for over 6 years. South Africa's national flower is the King Protea, and it truly is a king. A King Protea grows stronger and more vibrant in the harshest climates the country has to offer. From the highest mountain peaks, to withstanding the raging wildfires, from weathering winds that will knock you over, to enduring the hot summers and cold, rainy winters - you'll find this treasure growing. Priestly in all of its habitats, we are overjoyed that this rugged flower has made its way in the bouquets of so many brides worldwide. As the king flower, you only need one to make a statement - two or three is better, but any amount will do!

The fantastic thing is this flower can be used over and over for weeks at a time. It dries beautifully and is easily shipped because of its hardiness. To get the most time out of this flower, store in the refrigerator with the stem wrapped in wet paper towel or in water.

Here at Sellebrate, we pay tribute to this stunning centerpiece and encourage you to re-use, sell, dry, or share this flower. It stands out among ten thousand and has traveled a long way to share it's beauty!

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