Navigating A New Way to Gather and Plan Your Micro Wedding or Event

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

(bride & groom masks available on Etsy by FashionRaks)

I started dreaming of creating this mobile app in 2018. A conversation with a neighbor sparked my imagination and stuck with me for almost a year before I put it into action. However, I could have never imagined that we were going to launch an app. in the midst of a global pandemic - a pandemic which cancelled most gatherings and celebrations.

Now more than ever, during these volatile times, we stand with the brides, the graduates, with those welcoming new babies into their lives, with those who had to watch funerals online and couldn't be with their loved ones during life's momentous events, to empathize with you, and say, "We will get through this together."

May we never take for granted the importance of relationships and being together.

May we become thinkers and innovators of new ways to do business and make hard changes that promote sustainability.

Here, at Sellebrate, hope to be one of the ways to have a positive impact on your finances and on the Earth's resources, and that people become the most important element of every gathering.

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