Orchid Obsession is Real & All the Reasons We Love Them

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

2020 is almost over. Some of us may be tipping our hats in respect to the year. Others may be muttering obscene profanity and still there may be some of us ready to lock up the wine bottle, put on our running shoes and run into 2021 with new vision and energy. Wherever you find yourself - no judgement. Let us bring some inspiration and hope to your weddings, gatherings, celebrations and parties. Because nothing can break the human spirit when hope is awakened.

Yet, we acknowledge that there have been dramatic changes, deep heartache and a year that has marked us all. It's time to rethink. Or better yet...what a wise sage said...

"Sometimes you have to rethink the things you thought you thought through" -Winnie the Pooh

Hey, a stuffed yellow teddy bear has more wisdom than many of us at this point!!

So let's think through some things.

Thoughts we're thinking through:

Why is sustainability so important for the next generation and how do we influence others to be mindful of this?

How has the wedding/party industry changed permanently and what is temporary?

What are ways we can bring more meaning & intimacy into gatherings for 2021 and still be mindful of the global pandemic?

Who are the most important people in our lives that we want at our celebrations?

When is the best time to move forward in our wedding or event planning?

Let's start this conversation with why sustainability is important?

Here at Sellebrate, we're joining a movement that has been going on long before we entered the scene. We honor the work that has been done and the continuous work of those bringing ways to care for the earth and our resources.

...enter stage... ORCHID FLOWERS!!! We think these are going to be a feature flower for 2021 celebrations. Read on to find out what excites us about this.

Credit: www.merringracefloraldesign.com

Sure, we love blog posts and inspiration pages that have stunning pictures.

While it's fun to browse, save, like and pin...it's also important to think. Think about what your choices are for your celebration, rather than just jumping on the latest trend. We love trends, but they come and go so quickly our heads are spinning.

We're highlighting the orchid for this reasons:

Any florals you can keep potted are a huge win! They will last years after the celebration is over, you can gift them, or even sell them on our app. We love when they can be donated too - hospitals, nursing homes, your elderly neighbor!

The amazing thing about orchids is that they are a bare root flower. You can leave the roots in water, bark soil or use the Vanda variety that have hanging roots! Just keep them misted and plump. (Roots are bright green when misted and begin to turn brown when they need some TLC).

Credit: Cortney Illfield Photography

Styling orchids:

Boho theme: orchids look gorgeous mixed with dried florals and grasses.

Modern or Elegant themed: pot the roots in water with a clear vase for centerpieces, all white flowers

Traditional: mix with variety of colors and add some roses

Vintage: moody subtle colors of orchids mixed with moody lighting

Beach: orchids thrive at the beach - they love the heat and humidity (it's their home)

DIY: gather inexpensive orchids from most grocers, you mom or granny's home to use!

Credit: www.sweetmondayphotography.com

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