Our Top 5 Sustainable Wedding Ideas to Inspire You!

There was a time when eco-friendly brides and grooms were a minority group and our Sellebrate App was a dream. But dreams come true and here we are. You have a sparkly ring on your finger, and we have a beautiful business for engaged couples who realize how important climate change and protecting the environment is for us today and for future generations.

We love connecting with couples who share our vision of being aware of our carbon footprint by recycling and preserving our planet in everyday life and on special occasions like weddings. Sustainable weddings are trending, and we hope it's one of those ever-lasting trends like diamonds, champagne, and chic black and white bridal portraits. Everyone is getting on board to help, and sustainable weddings have become one of the biggest and fastest-growing wedding trends in the past five years.

We actually wish for the trend to turn into a lovely norm that we see at almost every wedding, from elopements to intimate weddings to huge Indian weddings with hundreds of people.

Usually, when engaged love birds look for emerging trends in the bridal industry, they look at styles, themes, and color palettes. Now sustainable and eco-friendly weddings and events are also grabbing the attention of fashion-forward and environmentally-aware couples. Around the world, people are becoming more conscious of the environmental crisis they are inheriting and are proactively trying to turn the problem around.

Here at Sellebrate App, we are serious about helping couples find sustainable and eco-friendly ways to execute their weddings. In our own little way, we're doing our best to educate and encourage our couples to make a difference, one rose gold candle holder at a time. This is a long-term goal, and we are as committed to the cause as you are to the love of your life, who you will soon marry.

We also try to show couples the simple steps that they can take to make their best day ever sustainable and eco-friendly. If you're planning to have an environmentally-friendly wedding or event here in the US, we have some tips to make your wedding a huge success.

Here are our top five sustainable wedding ideas to inspire you from our planet to the moon and back!

Buy Real Over Plastic

We are all about keeping it real when it comes to wedding decor like signage, cups, straws, table centerpieces and candle holders. If you head to the thrift store, you can often find real items. Not only are they eco-friendly, but also affordable, unique and gorgeous.

Plastic almost always ends up in the trash. Real items, as opposed to plastic ones, can be used repeatedly and re-purposed in so many creative ways.

Intimacy Over Crowds

The smaller the guest list, the smaller the footprint. As each guest travels, eats, drinks and uses items at your wedding, they impact the environment.

A major reason weddings and gatherings became smaller was the global pandemic. It forced brides and grooms-to-be to cut their guest lists. Searching for the silver lining, many couples realized they preferred an intimate, more meaningful gathering of people rather than the 100-guest bash they had initially planned. Amongst the many reasons was the positive effect a small wedding has on the environment.

Use Dried Flowers

Fresh flowers can be bought from another wedding through our app or collected from various places over time. Drying them is as easy as hanging the bundles upside down in a dark, dry place for a month or two. Then they can be used a few times before they start to break up.

Old dried flowers can be composted. If you really want to be sustainable, collect the seeds from the flowers as they dry. They usually fall out of the flowers once the drying process has begun. Isn't it blooming amazing how wonderful dried florals can be? They are also gorgeous and still smell sweet.

Borrow, Rent, Resell

This is a movement that has been gaining tremendous popularity, and we are fans too. Borrowing items from friends and family, renting wedding items, or buying and reselling your wedding decor is a great way to bring sustainability to your event.

There are so many places to source or sell bridal items that can shine again.

  • Sellebrate app

  • Craigslist

  • Online reselling sites for used wedding dresses and decor

  • Facebook marketplace

  • Secondhand stores and garage sales

Buy Local

Buying locally supports the economy within your community and reduces the footprint created from shipping goods domestically or internationally. Many of our bridal decor and wedding items have come all the way from China, so when we can get them into another wedding or event, our hearts sing.

We congratulate you on our engagement and on being an eco-friendly couple who cares for Mother Earth. Pass this article onto your friends who are engaged to your wedding planner, event coordinator, and any married friends and family who might have boxes of wedding items in their basements just begging to be in the spotlight at another beautiful wedding.

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