Planning for An Eco-Friendly and Affordable DIY Wedding or Party

Have you ever planned for a celebration or parties like a wedding or birthday party? How did it look? How simple, cost-effective, and cheap was it? Sometimes planning for a party is mind-boggling: starting from the items to use, the foods to eat, the party décor, and other minor things. It is easy to plan for a pocket-friendly but classic party without much hustle; follow through to see how.

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The 2021 wedding industry and party ideas have significantly changed. People have moved from using disposable items and décor to used and pre-loved items. The shift now has brought in DIY decorations and eco party favors in a big way! The materials in use now are fabric strips, recycled paper, bamboo and more natural elements. This strategy has changed everything and can cut the costs of organizing a birthday party for your children since you can re-use one birthday item in the other. Is not that so amazing?

Parents now do not have an excuse for not celebrating special days in the family. In 2021 start planning your children's or child's birthday; avoid spending much money and use real cups, plates, and silverware. Acquire some commemorative glasses that you can use for the next birthday. For those who love sewing, you can sew long-term decorations by even their hands. If it is something you can do, choose the colors that are gender-neutral and patterns that can last for long or forever.

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How some parents recycle party decorations

Environmentally conscious parents will try to use the available items during parties or celebrations. To avoid exerting pressure on the earth, they strive to recycle various items, hence reducing the consumption cost. Some may opt to use old newspapers, magazines, and some office supplies to make party décor. Some of these DIY decorations include:

  • Party crackers – made from candy, confetti-filled toilet paper, newspaper, and the masking tape.

  • Ninja stars – resulting from old magazines

  • Triangle Garland – from old papers

  • Striped Tape Ribbon Garland - made from the masking tape


Other party décor include:

  • Potted flowers and plants

  • Colored lights and lighting

  • Bubbles, pinwheels, and streamers instead of balloons

  • Seed bombs

  • Reusable bunting

Alternatively, you can contact service providers who can lend you décor and other items for use but at a fee. Or better, you can reach those people who buy and sell DIY wedding items or party décor.

At Sellebrate, we have a platform where users can sell or but used wedding or celebration items. Our social e-commerce app has things that people love and have used for a birthday but they have decided to sell them for others to use.

Sellebrate ensures that suitable decors and items recirculate for people to use during weddings, birthdays, or any other celebrations. Some of these decorations are home-made but very viable. We advocate for sustainability and care for the environment. Also, Sellebrate champions a reduction in wedding or birthday expenses and material waste. Download our app and make your party affordable but classy.

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