Plant Cuttings and How They Make Beautiful Wedding & Party Decorations

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Recently we had our Sellebrate App launch party and one of our focus table decor items were Monstera plant cuttings (otherwise known as the Swiss Cheese plant).

The week before the event, I gave my Monstera a full cut! Making sure each cutting had at least a few nodes for new roots to grow- then I popped them into clean glass vases with fresh room temp water.

(Before the trim!)

(After the trim)

Don’t worry- I’ve taken many cuttings from this mother and she seems to do amazing!

I got 6 large, healthy plants to water propagate and feature at the party!

We are over the moon to see these being used for party and wedding decor - the trend has gone crazy in 2020! They are a sustainable way to create more plants to resell, give-away, or bring into your home.

Come along on our journey as we share more ways to inspire you to have weddings and events! We can be conscious, caring consumers and bring flourishing to our parties!!

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